A new family member

May 10th 2019 was the day I finally got my first car – that would really be mine – and began the journey of becoming a crazy petrol head and an amateur mechanic. Welcome Blueberry.

The model you see here is a Mini Cooper S Bayswater edition. The Mini community as well as other car communities like to refer to them as „street egal Go-Karts“ as they are light-weight and sit incredibly neatly in corners. This explains the love for turning them into Ring-Tools and tuning the hell out of them.

As it turns out, I absolutely fell in love with my Go-Kart. So before I tell you about the technical details, check out some pictures of what it looked like before I started enhancing things.

Technical and factual stuff:

  • 1,6l turboed engine
  • 135kw/184hp
  • 6 speed manual
  • bayswater edition
  • sport button
  • Front-Wheel drive type