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Official site of KiaraShifts, a female automotive enthusiast in the Austrian Alps.

Who is kiarashifts?

My name is Kiara and I’ve created KiaraShifts. From a young age, I was captivated by tractors and toy cars, steering me away from conventional girls’ toys. My passion for automobiles only deepened as I shared in the excitement of watching Top Gear with my parents. 

At the age of 17, I earned my driver’s license, embarking on my own road with our faithful family car, a 2003 Toyota Avensis Verso. But when it came to the end of its journey, I bought a 2012 Mini Cooper S as my first car. This iconic car marked the beginning of my hands-on journey into mechanics and a profound love for all things automotive. Through this car, I started learning about mechanics and working on cars myself.

KiaraShifts girl driving Landrover Discovery

mini cooper s

The Mini Cooper S wasn’t just another car; it was my gateway to the world of automotive mechanics and the thrilling universe of automobiles. It became a canvas for me to tinker, modify, and enhance, all while fine-tuning my driving skills amid the breathtaking scenery of the Austrian Alps.

My Mini Cooper S also opened the door to a community of passionate Mini enthusiasts. Among this group, I learned about the hidden gems, quirks, and essential how-tos of the Mini world. Additionally, it was through this community that I first ventured into Autocross racing, a sport that demands both skill and a properly modified car for maximum performance.

car community

Driven by the desire to connect with like-minded enthusiasts, I’ve recently launched a YouTube channel and Instagram account under the name KiaraShifts. My mission is to create a small community of automotive enthusiasts, regardless of their car brand preferences.

Located in the heart of the Austrian Alps, I find myself in automotive heaven. The scenic roads are the perfect playground for getting to know a car, and this region serves as a vibrant hub for automotive meets and tours. So, join me on this thrilling journey through the world of cars!