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This is my Mini Cooper S.

Cooper S




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Upgrades to my Mini Cooper S.

KW V2 “Inox Line”

After enjoying three years of spirited driving with H&R Lowering Springs, it was high time to take my Mini Cooper S to the next level. I upgraded its suspension to the KW V2 “Inox Line”, a decision that’s transformed the way it performs on the road. This suspension system offers adjustable parameters that empower me to fine-tune it, ensuring it’s perfectly suited for the unique challenges of mountain roads.

With the capability to lower the ride height and adjust rebound settings, my already-low Mini has become a cornering marvel. By reducing body roll during tight turns, the driving experience in the Mini has become reminiscent of a Go Kart. Enhanced agility and stability are particularly noticeable when conquering the sharp twists and turns of mountain passes in the Austrian Alps. The KW V2 “Inox Line” suspension is also a practical choice in the snowy Austrian Alps. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, it offers the ideal protection against corrosion.

KiaraShifts Mini Cooper S on bridge dotz federal wheels front

Federal 595RS-R Semi-Slicks

A well-rounded suspension upgrade wouldn’t be complete without the perfect set of tyres. That’s why my Mini Cooper S is outfitted with semi-slick tyres, a choice that guarantees the utmost grip on mountain roads. Specifically, I’ve opted for the Federal 595RS-R tyres, boasting a 220 treadwear rating, often acclaimed as a ‘Racing tyre for the street’—and the accolade is well-deserved.

Firstly, these tyres are one of few semi-slick tyres that are street-legal in Austria. The Federal 595RS-R tyres feature impressively stiff sidewalls, ensuring precise control while navigating corners. Their enhanced tread stiffness translates to superior grip, traction, and high-speed cornering abilities, making them an ideal companion for mountain runs in the Austrian alps. The synergy between the KW V2 “Inox Line” suspension and the Federal 595RS-R tyres promises the ultimate grip on the challenging mountain passes of Austria.

Aluminium Oil Filter Housing

A crucial metric for sporty driving is oil temperature. All the more annoying that the Mini Cooper S doesn’t present this or other important metrics. The absence of oil temperature information can be a significant concern for sporty driving. Additionally, the original plastic oil filter housing can be prone to issues.

To address this, I’ve chosen to replace it with an aluminium oil filter housing equipped with an oil temperature sensor. The location of the sensor ensures accurate readings as the oil circulates through the filter.

Prosport 2-in-1 Temperature & Boost gauge

The ideal instrument for monitoring oil temperature comes in the form of the exclusive Prosport 2-in-1 Series. This series is renowned for its top-notch craftsmanship. It offers the flexibility to measure either oil or water temperature accurately, making it a versatile choice. What’s more, it provides the capability to gauge turbocharger boost pressure.

The sensors in this series are incredibly precise, making them suitable for professional applications. Depending on the cable configuration, the display can illuminate in either Amber or White, aligning with the Mini’s orange-themed dashboard. Power is sourced from the 12V cigarette lighter socket.